FELG Dent – dentistry software designed and tailor-made for 21 century, safe and
GDPR-compliant program, applicable to run your dental office. All database of dentist's offices and patients is stored in a safe and secure Cloud located at Data Center in Europe. The clients connect to the system through the website interface via computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. There is an unlimited possibility of access to this app through any device. Just enter the webpage and run the downloaded mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play.
The updated and clear Desktop interface fully compatible with mobile devices enables you to perform all activities concerning patient service simply and intuitively from a medical as well as an administrative perspective. The scope of possible functions available in this program results from the close collaboration of physicians and managers of health care and dentistry offices (units), thanks to whom it strictly, accurately and precisely meets the self-employed practitioners and bigger clinic's needs, requirements and expectations. FELG Dent guarantees agile and reliable management through staff performance and finance monitoring.

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Data Security

FELG Dent is GDPR-compliant software applied for dental office administration

Cutting edge solutions

All in one program: appointment schedule, patient's medical history/record/chart, treatment plans and calculations, financial service, invoicing, reports, etc.

Mobility-you can work everywhere

From now on you are able to administer your dentistry office from any place all around the world via computer, smartphone or tablet integrated with any operating system.

Considerable retrenchment

Up to 10.000€ annually. No investment costs at the beginning, overheads, outlay or fee for outsourcing IT company. Additional profit due to unit employment optimization.

Complimentary legal blank forms

At present you receive ready to use agreements and patient's legal statements (claims) in accordance with the latest GDPR directives.

HelpDesk 7 days per week

Owing to FELG Chat you can easily access support from the HelpDesk 7 days a week.

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All about FELG Dent

Available through WWW search engine and mobile devices

Accessible through each device

FELG Dent app is available with any kind of device. It operates through WWW search engine at PC, Mac or Linux, with mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. It functions along with the app downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play. The basic features of this program are also accessible on the Apple Watch.

The dental office files

We all know how many crucial files are kept at every dentist's office, so in order to provide the medical staff with the access to this data, we created a file module thanks to which we store them all on one spot. This is a one of a kind software for stomatologists available on the market that gives you the chance of holding documents within Cloud.

Appointment schedule

The schedule not only enables patients to arrange their appointments, but also contains plenty of practical functions, optimizing the performance of dental office. You are able to display the schedule regarding the distribution and availability of working units and doctors, and are able to check the working hours of a particular dentist and verify when he is out of reach. The schedule is fully integrated with the portal DocPlanner.com


The key purpose of this module is to make out an invoice for patients, however it can also correspond to settlements (settling accounts) with other business entity, generating e.g. invoice for your service to other dental office (entity) or clinic.

Overheads/outlays/expenses at the dental office

In order to fully manage dental office it is essential to record not only patients' payments but also your expenditure. FELG Dent app has the expenditure module that allows the records of your costs and revenues to be automatically updated as well as controls their condition.


The report module based on charts (pie chart and bar chart) enables you to trace (track down) the tendencies at dental office and spot unprofitable service of more than one dental office within different periods of time.

Pricing Packages

You may access FELG Dent choosing from three monthly subscriptions. Remember that the free subscription has limited options. The inactivity of the free subscription (30 days of non-access) will determine the suspension of the freeware. Client will always have the opportunity to re-access FELG Dent subscribing to the non-free versions.






Monthly + TAX

  • max 20 patients
  • [package:0:offices]
  • [package:0:doctors]
  • unlimited number of devices
  • unlimited number of administrative users
  • access from mobile devices (iOS, Android)
  • disk space 50MB (no possibility to increase storage capacity)



Monthly + TAX

  • N° 1 dental practice location
  • 3 Doctors / Hygienist - For each additional doctor 9€ +VAT
  • unlimited number of devices
  • unlimited number of patients
  • unlimited number of administrative users
  • access from mobile devices (iOS, Android)
  • disk space 5GB (option to increase storage capacity)
  • local storage / files (photos, X-rays) / 9€ per month for the FELG Box service *
  • package 50 SMS free monthly



Monthly + TAX

  • N°2 dental practice locations -Additional dental practice address / location 15€ +VAT
  • 5 Doctors / Hygienist - For each additional doctor 9€ +VAT
  • unlimited number of devices
  • unlimited number of patients
  • unlimited number of administrative users
  • access from mobile devices (iOS, Android)
  • disk space 5GB (option to increase storage capacity)
  • local storage / files (photos, X-rays) / 1 FELG Box device + service included in the subscription price, for each additional device the service will have an additional cost of 9€-per month*
  • package 100 SMS free monthly
All prices do not include TAX

* -In case the user/client is willing to host the office's data on a local storage, FELG Dent will provide, with an additional cost, the FELG Box device and a monthly service. The FELG Box device acts as a gateway between the dental office/doctor and the FELG servers.
FELG Box is available at the price of 300 €+VAT-the additional cost for the service is 7 € per month (FELG Software will not respond of the data saved in the local storage).
For further informations please do contact us: info(@)felgdent.com
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FELG Dent is available on your PC and Mac via Web App (app.felgdent.com) Windows, macOS, Linux
Mobile devices (iOS and Android) require a dedicated app easily downloadable on AppStore or GooglePlay

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  • info (@) felgdent.com
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