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Welcome to the website:, [hereinafter “Internet Service”]. Presented privacy policy is to present the ways we use for the collection, use and sharing of data, that Users of Internet Service may provide in connection with establishing cooperation with the Internet Service. Please read the entire content of the privacy policy before using the services of our Website and providing any information.
Respecting the rights of each User, and the Personal Data Protection Act from 29th August, 1997. (Dz. U. 2002. No. 101, item. 926, as amended), we commit ourselves to maintain the security and confidentiality of personal data acquired. Please be advised, that all employees of our Service, are adequately trained in the processing of personal data.


CONTROLLER – FELG Software Sp. z o. o. with its register office in Krakow 31-016, ul. Sławkowska 25/9, entered in the register of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Kraków – Śródmieście, XI Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego under number KRS 0000520292, NIP: 67624796559, the company provides electronic services and stores and gets access to Users information from their devices.

APPLICATION – it is offered by Licensor management software for private dentists, including the management of patient information, course of treatment, patient visits, execution of payments, preparation and generating reports.

COOKIES – means the computer data, in particular small text files that are saved and stored on the devices through which the User uses the Application FELG Dent and website of the Service.

CONTROLLER’S COOKIES – Cookies published by the Controller, related to the provision of electronically Services provided by the Controller through the Internet Service.

EXTERNAL COOKIES – Cookies published by the Controller’s partners, through the website of the Internet Service.

INTERNET SERVICE – website (including subpages) available under,, created by, and owned by Services Provider, connected to internet, allowing Users to use the Resources and Applications.

DEVICE – means an electronic device through which the User accesses the Internet Service and FELG Dent Application.

USER – means the entity to whom accordance with the Rules and laws can be provided electronically or services
which may be entered into a contract for the provision of electronic services, including sharing based on the
Application License Agreement FELG Dent.

LICENCE AGREEMENT– an agreement, on basis of which
FELG Software Sp. z o. o., permits Licensee to use the Application.

THE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS – document specifying the rules of electronically provided Services, The General Terms of Using by Users the Website/ Internet Service,, which is one of the conditions of conclusion of the License Agreement and usage of the Application.


The following provisions relating to the collection and processing of personal data, apply only to entities subject to protection under the provisions of the Act on the Protection of Personal Data from 29 August 1997. (Dz. U. No. 133, item 1997. 883) A collection of Users’ Personal Data has been submitted for registration to General Personal Data Protection Supervisor.


1.1. Name and surname – at the time of ordering, and registration to the User Account, the User will be asked for his name and surname, in case of necessity of sending and confirming the orders by Controller and for keeping contact between the User and the Internet Service.
1.2. Residence address and, eventual delivery address: This information is necessary for the cooperation between the User and the Service.
1.3. Phone number: This information is necessary for the cooperation between the User and the Internet Service, based on the License Agreement.
1.4. E-mail address: via e-mail service Internet Service sends a confirmation of the order and can contact with the User regarding the Services, including the functionality of an Application provided by the Internet Service. In addition, if the User wants to receive the newsletter, on the provided email address commercial information will be sent. The Controller can also use e-mail of the User to send a survey regarding Users satisfaction of the services provided by the Internet Service, including, quality and performance of the provided Application, based on the License Agreement.


2.1. Viewing the contents of a website does not require provision of Users Personal Data.
2.2. Users data are collected, stored and processed to provide the Services connected with the use of Application based on the License Agreement, including enabling the proper functioning of an Application, improving its functionalities and its technical parameters, and it is strictly connected with the cooperation between the User and the Controller in regards to an Application based on the License Agreement.
2.3. The Controller can send to the Users commercial information regarding the Service, such as Internet broadcast (webcast), newsletters, provided by the Internet Service, also at given e-mail address, provided that the User agrees.
2.4. The Controller can process Users Personal Data in order to improve services, and to adjust the advertising materials or recommendations to the preferences and interest to the Users, display on the Website. For this purpose, the Controller can relate the Personal Data provided by the User in connection with the usage of the Service, with the other Personal Data of the User, processed by the Controller.
2.5. The Controller declares that Personal Data, which are necessary to execute payments, including the case of selection online payment options by the User, will be processed by PayLane Sp. with o.o based in Gdansk, ul. Arkańskiej 6 / A3, 80 – 387, for which the District Court Gdańsk – North in Gdańsk, VII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under KRS leads No. 0000227278.


3.1. The Service can obtain other information resulting from the general principles of Internet connections, such as IP address, number and source of the visit is to the Website, the time of the visit. Viewing of the content, number and type of opening subpages, references used, or computer’s IP number, which can be used by the Internet Service for technical purposes as well as for statistical purposes.
3.2. The Controller does not link above mentioned information with Users Personal Data, and does not use them to identify the User, unless it is necessary for the proper provision of the Services through the Internet Service, including, in particular, the proper functioning of an Application.
3.3. The Controller uses the information referred to above, solely for the purpose of market research and Internet traffic within the Store web site, for statistical purposes, in particular to improve the quality of Services provided by the Internet Service.

Personal data are processed on the basis on Users consent, and in cases when the law authorizes the Controller to the processing of personal data.

4.1. Consent to the Processing of the Personal Data occurs during the registration process, by selecting the appropriate place, leading to the possibility of using an Application, in connection with the acceptance of this Privacy policy, which is based on the conclusion of the License Agreement.
4.2. Each User can choose, whether and in what extent he wants to use our Services and share information about himself. Please keep in mind, that failing to provide some Personal Data in certain cases, may prevent you from using the Services offered by the Internet Service. You may, revoke provided consent to the collection and processing of the Personal Data at any time.


5.1. Each of the User has an access to the content of the Personal Data, and to improve and update them.
5.2. If you change your Personal Data You should take care to update Personal Data on personalized account, if any.
5.3. The Controller provides Users the ability to remove the User Personal Data on their request, as well as in other cases, pursuant to applicable law.
5.4. Controller reserves, that he may refuse to remove Personal Data, if the User has not settled all Controller receivables payments, and violate the provisions of the License Agreement, or violate the provisions of the “The General Terms of Using by Users the Website/ Internet Service” or applicable laws, and the retention of the Personal Data is necessary to explain the circumstances and determine the liability of the User.


1. Cookies adopted by the Controller are safe for the Users Devices. In particular, is not possible for viruses or other unwanted software or malware to get into the Users Devices thought adopted cookies. Those files allow to identify the software used by the User and adapt the Services and an Applications individually to each User. Cookies typically contain the name of the domain from which they come from, their storage time on your Device and assigned value.

2. The Controller uses two types of cookies files:

2.1. Session cookies: they are stored on the User Devices and remain there until the end of the browser session. The recorded information is then permanently deleted from the memory of Devices. Cookies session does not allow you to download any personal data or any confidential information of User Devices.
2.2. Persistent cookies: they are stored on the User Devices and remain there until you delete them. The end of the session, the browser or disable devices do not delete them from the User’s equipment. Persistent Cookies mechanism does not allow to download any personal data or any confidential information of User Devices.
2.3. The User has the ability to limit or disable cookies access to his Devices. Controller informs, that if the User make use of this option, usage of the Service or Application will be possible, besides the functions which, by their nature, require those Cookies.

3. The purposes for which cookies are used:
The Controller uses Own Cookies for the following purposes:

3.1. Configuration of the site, including:

  • adaptation of web content and operation of an Application, User preferences, and to optimize the use of its Internet Service Web Sites and Application.
  • recognize the Users Device, an Application and the Service and its location and display the webpage, tailored to their individual needs;
  • storage of the settings chosen by the User and the User interface personalization, eg. In terms of the language or region from which the User comes from,
  • remembering the history of visited pages on the site to recommend the content,

3.2. Certify Users by useing an Application and ensure continued access:

  • maintain the session’s Application, by which the User does not need to enter a key number, each time he starts the installation;
  • correct configuration of selected Application functions,
  • optimize and increase the efficiency of Services provided by the Controller.

3.3. The processes for full functionality of an Application and Service:

  • customize the content of an Application and the Service to Users preferences, and optimize the use of an Application and the website of the Service. In particular, these files, which allow to recognize the basic parameters of the Users Devices and appropriately share an Application, tailored to their individual needs;

3.4. Storing the User’s location, including:

  • proper configuration and application specific functions of the Service, allowing in particular the alignment of the information provided to the User with regard to his location.

3.5. Studies, research and audit of frequency of use, create anonymous statistics that help to understand how the Users use the Application and the Services web pages, what makes enable the improvement of their structure and content;

3.6. Providing the Services by the Internet Service:

  • adaptation of an advertisement of third party’s services and products, presented through the Service Applications;

3.7. Ensure the safety and reliability of the FELG Dent Application and the Service.

4. The Controller uses External Cookies for the following purposes

4.1. presentation of multimedia content on the Website that are downloaded from an external website,
4.2. general and anonymous collection of static data using analytical tools,
4.3. serving advertisements tailored to User preferences using the tools of internet advertising,
4.4. usege of interactive features in order to promote the site using social networking sites (including Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

5. Possibility to determine the conditions of storage or access by Cookies.

5.1. The User can freely and at any time change the settings for cookies, specifying the terms of storing and accessing the cookies to the User Devices. The aforementioned settings, can be done by using the web browser settings, or by using the Service configuration. These settings can be amended by blocking the automatic handling of Cookies in the settings of User web browser, or informing whenever posting on the User Device’s. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of handling Cookies are available in the software settings (web browser).
5.2. The User is able to remove the Cookies using the available features functionalities in the web browser that the User is using at any time.
5.3. Restricting the use of Cookies may affect the functionality of an Application and some other functionalities available on the Website.

6. Moreover, the Controller announces, that in connection with the usage of an Applications available through the Internet Service, will use the Local storage function, so – called Thread local storage, in the following areas:

backarray – history of visited pages saving locally so that the User has the ability to use the back button even after resuming the use of an Application (mobile)

lasttenopen – Supportive history of the last 10 opened subpages stored locally, so that the User has the ability to use the back button even after resuming the use of an Application (mobile)

nowlink – remembering the currently open subpage, so that it can be loaded again after resuming the use of an Application (mobile)

nowopen – remembering the ID of the currently open pages so that it might be loaded again after resuming the use of an Application (mobile)

tabs – remembering the open tabs in the desktop version so that it might be restored after reloading an Application,

tabs-active – active tab remembering in the desktop version so that it might be reloaded to activate an Application,

token – the token used to automatically login.


1. Service User may at any time contact the Controller for information about whether and how the Controller uses or intends to use the Personal Data and information obtained by means of Cookies.
2. Address where you can contact the Controller:
e-mail: helpdesk (@)

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