FELG Dent features

GDPR-compliant program

All delicate, personal data of the patients is stored in accordance with GDPR directives. Due to the fact, dental office can guarantee the data safety. Only by storing data in professional Data Center can you be sure of fulfilling requirements imposed by GDPR.

In accordance with the new guidelines the patient is allowed to have unlimited access to his medical history at any time. Due to FELG Dent application with just one click we can provide the patient with access to his medical chart through the smartphone mobile app.

Has your patient got access to his medical documentation yet

Available at any device

FELG Dent application is accessible at any kind of appliance. With PC, Mac or Linux it operates via WWW search engine, with smartphones and tablets it functions with the dedicated app downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The two application modes: Desktop and Mobile give the opportunity of working and managing the dental office from any place even through WWW search engine.

Additionally, the access to the app is gained by the patient, too. All it takes is one click made by the dental office on the link in the patient’s record entitled “Generate new password” and the patient receives his data to log in (via e-mail address or SMS). From then on he can log on to the app downloaded at the Apple Store or Google and browse his medical report, treatment progress, expenses incurred as well as track down the course of his visits and plan the next ones.

The appointment schedule

The appointment schedule allows you to make an appointment conventionally through the reception desk, online through the website and via the fully integrated portal DocPlanner.com as well. It contains a great deal of useful functions optimizing the efficiency and productivity of the dental office, such as the quick search of the nearest available date.

Within the FELG Dent mobile application you can check the same appointment schedule which is available on your computer, without the necessity of transferring it to external systems (e.g. Google Calendar) and in this way violating the patient data protection law. The reminding mechanism is implemented into the mobile app and it does not need any external systems.

If we run more than one facility or unit, then each of them is marked with a different colour to distinguish entries within the appointment schedule.

Switching onto the daily agenda, we can print the ready daily timetable for each doctor in PDF format, summing up the procedures carried out on a particular day, for the particular patient, within the particular time.

The patient's chart

It consists of all indispensable elements required for the physician, dentist's assistant or receptionist to perform. This is a wide range of modules reachable according to the chosen role or all modules achievable for administrator.

Medical survey
Agreement forms
Initial state
Periodontology and hygiene
Treatment plan and calculations
Clinic card (EDM)
Image documentation and X-Ray*
Invoices and payments
The appointment listing

In addition, there is an option of labelling the patients with the icons, for instance the VIP patient, allergy, nationality, troublesome patient or sensitive to pain.

*Operating X-Ray image formats are: tif, bmp, jpg, DICOM 2D, STL.

SMS/Push Marketing

There is a chance to automatically send any generated sms/push message to a specific target group, e.g. check-up reminders, special offers, birthday wishes or reminders about recommended hygienisation.

In case of sending reminders about appointment through “Push”, the dental office does not bear any costs. In case of sending reminders through ordinary text message, the regular rate
for sms will be charged (the lack of a fixed subscription payment for activating this service is a typical and characteristic for other competitive programs).

Making the treatment plans and calculations

Simple and transparent way of highlighting dental procedures to perform within the treatment plan in the stomatological diagram.

Automatic calculations based on treatment plan, with discount option

The pictures/X-Ray imaging and dental office files 


The picture module inserted in the patient's chart gives the opportunity to review the images following the treatment progress (extremely important e.g. for the orthodontists) and also look through the X-Ray images in JPG,TIFF, BMP, PNG, STL format (also 3D), DCM (currently Dicom 2D, in the future 3D).

The file module ensures the authorised staff of the dental office the access to all major documents e.g. agreement patterns, electronic forms, invoices or picture documentation. Thanks to it, we keep everything in one place.


Financial service

So as to fully administer the dental office it is pivotal to register not only the patients' payments but also incurred costs. The FELG Dent app includes the expenses module, thanks to which you can update your cost and revenue accounting.

Besides, FELG Dent lets you control all money transfers at the dental office and reckoning with the doctors, too.

FELG Dent means full supervision over the dental office's finances


The basic function of this module is generating invoices for the patients. You can also use it to any settlements with other entities, making out an invoice for your service to other dental office or clinic.


Reports and analyses

The report module based on the charts (pie chart and bar chart) allows you to trace the trends occurring in your dental office, spot the services with low interest as well as set and compare viability and productivity of more than one dental premises within different periods of time.

Reports available:

  • The periodical report of amount of appointments and revenues generated in a particular time taking into consideration doctors and patients
  • The report of average duration of the appointment regarding a particular dentist
  • The costs and revenues report
  • The report of reckoning with the doctors
  • The report of postponing of the appointments
  • The report of the patient acquisition
  • The report of the patients referring to their age and gender



and much more functions...





download FELG Dent

FELG Dent is available on your PC and Mac via Web App (app.felgdent.com) Windows, macOS, Linux
Mobile devices (iOS and Android) require a dedicated app easily downloadable on AppStore or GooglePlay

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